In Japan, the citizen judge system (Saiban-in Seido) has been introduced since 2009. The Japanese judicial system started to accept citizens; on the other hand, it causes several problems that we never faced before. For instance, it is not clear how citizens understand a process of judicial trial, or how the psychological bias of citizens in decision making is controlled, etc..
        It is important to establish a new support system for the fair justice and the appropriate therapeutic system for the crime victims. To investigate social problems and human biases, the collaboration between law professionals, psychologists and other human science researchers is necessary. 
        Here we establish the Japan's first research center for the forensic clinical psychology. The purpose of the research center is to create the social concept or techniques to be the basics of the fair social system by the transdisciplinary research.  

Professor Mitsuyuki Inaba, College of Policy Science  
Professor Katsumi Matsumoto, Faculty of Law
Professor Hiroyuki Shinoda, College of Informational Technology and Engineering
Professor Hiroshi Nakamura, College of Social Sciences 
Professor Tatsuya Sato, Faculty of letters

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